A New Church IN, OF, and FOR the Nazareth area…

Birthed out of Hope Alliance Bethlehem, our new church is made up of Nazareth area residents who want to see the love and freedom of Jesus lived out and making a difference in their community.  We believe that following Jesus and being part of a church community should be life giving… not exhausting and legalistic. In short, we’re all about “Simply Jesus”.

When will you start meeting on Sunday mornings?  Fall of 2018
Location: Nazareth YMCA on Main Street in Nazareth

33 S. Main Street, Nazareth, PA 18064 (scroll down for map) / Directions >>

How Do I Get Connected to This New Church?

We are planning to start Sunday morning gatherings in the Fall of 2018.  In the meantime, we have smaller gatherings that are already meeting in Nazareth where we talk about life and the Bible in an informal setting.  This summer we will also have multiple outdoor gatherings to share a meal, spend time together, and get to know our neighbors better. If you’d like more information, please contact Pastor Jim

Other Questions?

If you have any questions about Hope Alliance Nazareth or would like more information, please contact Pastor Jim. jim@hopealliancechurch.org >

Our Story

In 2009 Hope Alliance Bethlehem started as a new church in the Bethlehem area focused on living out one thing: “Simply Jesus.” The dream was to be a warm and authentic place where people could come as they were and find Jesus without legalism or guilt.  In seven years, the vision expanded to start other churches in the Lehigh Valley with the same focus.

In 2016 Pastor Jim Entwistle and his wife Jess and family moved to Nazareth to start the second church in the Hope Alliance family of churches.  Pastor Jim and Jess have a passion to see people welcomed into the family of God, find their identity in Jesus, and spend their lives to love the world around them. That passion has led them to pastor for seven years at another church in New Jersey, to create programs to bless the poor, to equip others to do ministry, to spend a year in the Middle East, and now to start a new church in Nazareth.

Since 2016, multiple people and families have joined up with Jim and Jess with this same passion to see the Nazareth area impacted by the love and freedom of “Simply Jesus.” They are excited to begin Sunday gatherings that celebrate Jesus in the fall of 2018.

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