world mapGrowing up in the church, I was very aware of missions.  There was a whole section of the church dedicated to missions with pictures and bios of missionaries that we supported.  There was a map that plotted their locations across the globe.  To this day, I am grateful for the way that church valued world missions.

As I have grown in faith and in my understanding of following Jesus, my perspective on missions has grown as well.  Specifically, I have come to believe that missions is better understood as mission.  You might ask, “Isn’t that just semantics?”  Is dropping an “s” really a big deal?  To me, it is a huge deal with radical implications.  By shortening the word, we are actually expanding its impact.  At Hope, we are currently in a teaching series on mission.  Take some time to listen to a few of the teachings here or even plan to join us on one of the next two Sundays as we continue to explore the topic.

Over the next few posts, I hope to explain why we drop the “s” in missions and why mission is so critically important to who we are as a church.